About Us

#DressYourWall with HZ-EliteDesign

HZ-EliteDesign is a family-owned decor business founded in 2021. Headquartered in the beautiful City of Toronto, our company’s core values encompass quality, style, innovation, and to exceed expectations for our customers.

We offer some of the most advanced and prestigious wallcovering products orginated from Europe for both residential and commercial projects. Today, the company stocks more than XXXX wallcoverings including papers, vinyls, fabrics, naturals as well as many unique hand crafted specialties.

Style is a symbol of individualism. Our brands and product lines each possess their own distinct style and personality, providing our worldwide customers with a diverse assortment of decor products second to none. HZ-EliteDesign represents a fashion forward compilation of patterns and textures, with designs perfect for every room.

Mission statement People working together to improve people’s homes and businesses through interior design, product and project management leadership.

Vision statement To become the world’s source and distributor of high quality wall coverings by delivering outstanding customer service and luxurious products for our amazing customers.

“We believe in quality of design, product and service combined with a committed and motivated team”